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Customer Care & Closings Coordinator Job Description

Customer Care Job Objectives:  Lead all customer walk-thoughts and manage all post sales customer service and warranty requests.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Process customer service/warranty requests received via email, phone, or internet with the Punchlist system. Follow-up on resolved requests until service is provided or a solution is reached. Work closely with Operations Manager and Customer Service Representative. This job will involve data entry and verbal and written follow-up with trade contractors.

Reports to: Controller

Customer Care Job Responsibilities:

Areas of Accountability:

Closing Coordinator Position Objectives:

Thompson Homes customers and closing attorneys completing our transactions are satisfied in all of our communication throughout the entire process. This has enabled us to close our homes as soon as practical after completion. Miscommunications regarding; dates, amounts due, deposits and draws are minimized. We want to be known as the most organized builder by all parties involved and the stress sometimes experienced by homebuyers is eliminated.

Closing Coordinator Job Responsibilities:

Reports to: Controller

Desired Skills/Traits:

New Home Sales Consultant (NHC)



Please send inquires to: Nick Thompson at nick@thompsonhomesinc.com

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