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Building a Family-Friendly Home

Building a customized new home is an exciting process. You truly get make your house into a home. But when you add children to the equation there is so much more to keep in mind. Design your home to meet their needs and taste as well. Here are things to consider when building a family-friendly home.

Select a kid-friendly location – When it comes to deciding where to build it is all about

location, location, location. From living in a good school district and being around other kids to living near close to school or daycare, parks, and recreational activities, it is important to choose a kid-friendly environment for your child to grow up in. Thompson Homes is a reputable home builder in Evansville offering homebuyers spacious new homes in Evansville IN in the most sought-after family-friendly home communities.

Choose a floor plan to grow with your family – You should build your home to grow with your family. As your kids grow, their bedrooms and dedicated spaces should be able to accommodate their changing needs over the years. Cribs and twin beds will need to be upgraded and there may need for there to be space for them to do homework at a desk. Personalize their spaces to match their current personalities but make it flexible enough to change as they get older and their tastes mature.

Opt for an open concept floor plan – An open floor plan is favorable to family’s children. The great open floor plan concept allows you to have sightlines. You will be able to keep watch over your children as they play or do homework. Plus, you will not be cut off from entertaining your guests as you prep meals or cook.

Choose durable materials – Choose material that is durable and easy to clean up. You will want something to withstand the foot traffic and activities of your family. We suggest granite or quartz for countertops and hardwoods and vinyl on the main level is perfect to keep up with the business of your family. Area rugs are the perfect addition to living spaces. Anything to help make it easier to deal with messy kids and spills.

Have multiple bathrooms – Multiple bathrooms help to create a family-friendly home. Not only for practical reasons but to keep your sanity. You will be able to decorate it to their liking, keep their bath toys in it, and include a step stool so that they will be able to reach the sink to wash their hands and brush their teeth. A half bath is ideal for guests and Thompson Homes has several floor plans with this option.

Designate a play area – Kid’s take pride in things that are their own. Designate a play area for the kids to call their own and have all the fun they want. Plus, this will help you avoid having their games and toys strewn all over your home. A bonus room, game room, or secondary bedroom is perfect for this. Solicit their input when decorating and designing this space.

Laundry room positioning – Let’s face it, lugging laundry up and down the stairs just is not sexy. And more people in the family means much more laundry. It will be extremely beneficial for the laundry room to be closer to the bedrooms versus another part of your home. Work with the builder to pick a floor plan that will be convenient for you and your family’s needs.

Search our family-friendly communities to discover your new dream home available for immediate move-in. Contact Thompson Homes, your premier builder in Evansville, today at 270-926-1740 for more information.

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