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It’s well before dawn. The alarm clock rings. Timothy Neunfeldt’s day begins. Coffee and an early morning workout help prepare him for the daily tasks ahead of him. Then, he looks at his laptop and starts prioritizing the order of jobsites that need to be attended to, with some tasks beginning between 5:00 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. This is the life of our home builder in Owensboro KY construction superintendent.

Early summer mornings usually start with concrete work, framing, and roofing trades to get a head start before the day gets hot. “I will see that they have the plans needed to complete their work, answer any questions, and provide any equipment or materials needed for their tasks,” he says. From there he proceeds to the next phases of work – homes already framed. He confirms the electricians, HVAC technicians, and plumbers have the correct cabinet plans and floor plans. He knows who is working and at what homes. Later he evaluates the steps of various properties and begin to organize the next steps needed to what steps need to progress each home through the building process.

In addition, Timothy’s daily responsibilities include managing several builds in multiple stages, confirming seamless transitions from one stage of the building process to the next, and ensuring work meets Thompson Homes standards. He makes telephone calls, schedules deliveries, and updates the home building software before he heads back to the jobsites.  He checks to validate the construction daily work is completed, provides additional feedback, and begins the organization process for any information, equipment, or materials needed for the next day.

Being detailed oriented and working well within a high stress environment are the keys to Timothy’s success of balancing all the homes and what stage of building they are in. He loves the daily challenges of meeting deadlines, organizing people and materials, and ensuring customers’ needs are placed at the forefront of our building process.

“I tell people that I want to ensure that their home is built well enough that my family would want to live there” he says. “Our customers are what keeps us going. Our dedication to quality and craftsmanship speaks for itself. Our future is built upon what we do today.”

Seeing the customers’ faces through the building process is Timothy’s favorite part about working for Thompson Homes. “Often construction can be a slow process and seemingly nothing is being accomplished,” he adds. “We have underground plumbing being installed, block foundations being stacked, or concrete footers being poured. These are major milestones in the process but don’t have a “wow” factor. Once framing is scheduled and customers see their home erected in a matter of days their happiness is undeniable.” Here they can picture themselves celebrating holidays, birthdays, and other festivities that will be spent with their families in their new homes.

He goes on to say, “the fast-paced nature from framing to drywall is where they truly see the potential of their new home. Seeing them for the final time before turning the home over to the second half superintendent is well worth all the work put into the front end of the build.”

For Timothy, his idea of a perfect time includes both food and football. Food is his passion. Weekends are spent smoking brisket, making wings, tacos, and salsa. If he had to choose a favorite food, it would be a taco. He says, “it is seemingly a perfect food that can be enjoyed at any point throughout the day. The endless variety of tacos available to us should be enough to please even the pickiest eater.”

Timothy is a proud Texan, having transplanted to the Midwest after serving in the military. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He is currently working on earning a Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate. We thank Timothy for all that he does for Thompson and helping us continue to be a premier home builder in Owensboro KY. We wish him continued success in finishing his certificate.

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