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Get Connected! Setting Up Your New Thompson Home

Settling into a new construction home is one of the most exciting times in your life. Finally, you have a home that you don’t have to worry about. From the quality of construction to its ENERGY SMART certification, your new Thompson home was built to take care of you.

Before you transition into your new home and settle into your carefree lifestyle, there are a few utilities to take care of to make sure your home is ready and comfortable on day one. Print out this handy checklist to start setting up your very first Thompson home connections:

[  ] Electric: The chemistry you’ll feel with your brand new home? It’s electric! Once you’re all “plugged in” with a quick phone call, you can enjoy the comfort of a space that’s on the same page as you are.

[  ] Water: From preparing meals in your beautiful kitchen to unwinding in your spa-like owner’s bathroom, it all starts with good old h2O. You’re just a phone call away from all the magic that’s bound to happen in your home.

[  ] Internet/Phone/Cable: Stay connected to the outside world from the comfort of your home, whether you’re watching your favorite show, posting photos of your latest get-together, or planning an afternoon happy hour.

[  ] Gas: So many meals, so much freedom! Once you call to set up your gas utility, you can unleash your inner chef and start whipping up your best meals with the highest quality kitchen appliances around.

[  ] Mail Set-Up: Visit your local post office to be sure you’ve updated your mailing address, or you can take care of all of it right online! Don’t miss out on all those birthday and holiday cards from friends and family.

[  ] Garbage Collection: If the first thing you want to do in your home is host a fun dinner party, we don’t blame you! Make sure to set up your garbage collection beforehand to ensure clean-up is a breeze.

At Thompson Homes, we strive to make your new home transition as seamless as can be — so that you can start enjoying the good life as soon as possible! Get ready to make the best connections of your life. For more information about our homes and communities throughout Kentucky, please call 812-972-8918.

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